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Postby DerekBell » Mon May 25, 2009 5:35 pm

Hi All. I thought I would add this section for users information.

You can contact me(Derek) on
You can contact Alan (Hooter) on , Al is not a massive company, but basically works for himself, so be patient with him re responses, but generally he responds to all e-mails he receives.
You can contact other members as before, just use Private Messages in the user control Panel.

Have a look at if you havent already for any Kalmaker related information (Pricing etc)

If your not having any luck after a few tries, contacting Al, drop me a PM and ill try myself, or give you his fax number.

Edit 2/4/10:
Have recently had a few people asking Al for his mobile number, so just wanted to clarify something. Hooter generally wont give out his mobile number to people unless they are a tuning workshop etc, so as general users, please don't ask for his mobile, or expect to get it given to you, as refusal often offends. I have found him much easier to contact via e-mail anyway as his mobile rings hot all day long..
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