trans shifting in kalmaker (mafless)

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Postby Hooter » Mon Nov 17, 2008 11:40 am

Dont you love these tennis playing tranny "experts", and how good they are at lobbing the ball back into the "Tuners" court when they have no real idea what they are talking about.
Thanks PVE for code descriptions
The codes you list Roop all point at the same thing.
They are all the solenoids and they require power
Without power the trans kinda works in default and what you describe is pretty much exactly how they respond.
Check fuse 12 which is under dash and clearly marked
Then check that trans plug in fact is plugged in, best on hoist
Transmission power is the most common problem encountered when doing engine swaps, where guys forget to connect this circuit, which is the pink with blue stripe wire located in the engine harness plug which is near the brake booster (black with yellow retainer locks plug)
Probe this wire with voltmeter to see if 12v with key on.
This wire also feeds the heated o2 sensors on V6's.
So if you end up with 12v all the way to the trans plug on trans, then it looks like it could be the internal transmission harness
It is possible that PCM is faulty, but I doubt it, because there are 5 (grounding) circuits from the solenoids to the PCM, and unlikely all 5 circuits in PCM are faulty at same time
This is where its good to have the factory manuals which at approx $60 save you a fortune.
Your "tranny builder" should know all this, so belt the ball back into his court, although probably best to check fuse first.........he might belt you instead.......hehe
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Postby Droop » Mon Nov 17, 2008 11:35 pm

Hey Roop just go a manual valve body no computer
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