W20, v8 engine cuts out few seconds after starting, help !!

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W20, v8 engine cuts out few seconds after starting, help !!

Postby v8capri » Fri Feb 20, 2009 11:02 pm

This has happened twice now on 2 completely different cars with 2 different R/T ecus.
the car starts and soon after cuts out.
This can happen 2 seconds after starting or 20 seconds after, only when idling.
rev it up and it is fine.
put the std ecu with old chip in it and it's fine.
both cars are vr - vs models, with original loom ( no cuts)
fuel pressure does not vary, spark stays live
Logging the gauge screen can't see any changes.
Logging the List screen I can see a change.
3/4 the way down the middle colum there is a 'INJA ZERO, and an INJB ZERO. these are off when the engine is running, They click on and the engine cuts out.
sometimes they click off for an instant, then back on and the engine picks up again, sometimes they click off till it dies.
Car always restarts easily
sometimes car restarts ( no acc) and dies 3 seconds later, start it with gas and hold the revs it is fine then let it idle will idle fine for a while then it does it :(
sometimes you rev it for a while and it seems fine and it does not hapen again, mapped out the car that way ! then at the end of the day it came back !!
i tried with and without the oil pressure sender connected, no difference. ( my other car cuts ign when pressure drops)
TDM on the list screen always shows pass.
I have SP3 and W20 , W21 this only happens on w20, unsure on W21, never on SP3

Will greatly appreciate any help here :)
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