Using Workshop W53

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Using Workshop W53

Postby VXL67Getrag » Mon Aug 03, 2009 8:09 am

W53 Purchased & many problems!!!!
I have a vx calais L67 with getrag box behind it, As no one can find the CARN Script that was the overseas factory released software I have hd to use either the DBLX or they CXWH(which Al Gibbs recommended using) don't know why as the other is the hsv xu6 version, can anyone tell me why CXWH would be better?
But either way I can use either of these & mask all the trans dtc's, but it is still coming up with a DTC, my snap-on scan tool doesn't like plugging in with real time box in there!
So can you see the DTC Logged in kalmaker?
Also when I drive it the tail light fault indicator & the air bag warning light flick on & off intermittently! is there anyway of stopping this? as I'm worried the air bag may pop on me!
So Far I got the ful:out:injrat right so the stt's are at closest to 100 at 1600rpm & 2400rpm
& got the multipliers right so it is closest to stoic before 1600rpm, but after driving for 10 mins at idle it goes to lean as cats piss & won't cycle & because it is lean i'm assuming that is why it is idling faster! how do I overcome this?
As I said I'm still going through all of it but help would be appreciated!
sometimes especially on first 10 mins of driving the engine looses all power for a split second speratically is there anyway to overcome this it can be idling at the lights & you can feel it just skip for a split second or you can be pulling out of a intersection under full noise & this is where it's more detremental it just chugs for a split second!
Also is there any way I can open the bins from my original ecu that came with the car & not the kalmaker software in the buffer, as the factory bins I have off my last 2 commodores it says can't find script file when trying to open in the buffer? how do I overcome this?

Cheers VX L67 Getrag! :twisted: :?:
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Re: Using Workshop W53

Postby delcowizzid » Tue Aug 04, 2009 11:49 pm

not fast enough
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Re: Using Workshop W53

Postby Hooter » Fri Aug 27, 2010 11:32 am

Sometimes i wonder why I include the Help CD in with Kalmaker........
If you had bothered to play the cd, it would Autoplay a Powerpoint Slideshow of using Kalmaker ( providing you have MS PP installed) (and if not the Installation Sheet explains that there is a PP Viewer on the cd ). The slideshow shows how to get around in Kalmaker and the List/View screens where all datalogging takes place and trouble codes are stored.
The Help Docs explain how to clear trouble codes.....nothing difficult.......just familiarisation.....and a bit of effort to read.
Also if you read the Docs, you will find the HCxx docs, where it lists pinouts and calibration files and history.
You may notice there are many, but Kalmaker use generally the latest binary of particular chains.
I prefer using Holden cals rather than HSV, as generally they are better alround, and as we are changing spark and fuel for optimum performance that part doesnt matter anyway.
The tail light issue is a wierd one, I havent seem that before, but airbag isnt a problem, it is just a result of a busy Bus line.

Are you tuning this at Normal Operating Temps to start with. This is a must, and then you do your corrections for Cold Start and Warmup ("the first 10 minutes of driving".....)
The Idle Sag could be anything, what are your IAC Steps at idle, what is your IPS doing, does it need less or (usually) more, what is IFD doing, does it need more (desired airflow).....its all there on your Guage and List Screens. You can change your List Screen type by selecting List Main. Its all there.
For those of you that use GEN3 software, this is where Kalmaker shines, as it logs all PIDs (over 100 of them)simultaniously, whereas, Windows based GEN3 stuff can only log approx 8 PIDs at a speed fast enough to see what the problem is, and you have to configure these yourself, which is ok so long as you are experienced enough to know what you are looking for and what to configure.
Kalmaker has this preconfigured, which is a huge help in the (your) learning factor, and once you start using these List View screens, Spark, Idle, Eng Devt etc, you start to realise the capability and magnitude of tuning, and this really helps you become a better tuner.
This is why most GEN3 tuners turn off knock sensors, adaptive spark, turn off closed loop, never take notice of desired airflow or anything else etc etc etc because they dont know how or what to configure to follow these things.
I dont mean to start an argument here, but the point I am making here is, if you can be bothered, Kalmaker has all the info all setup there waiting for you to use and learn from.
Yes, there is a lot to learn, and no it cant be learnt in one session.
Also on the Help CD is the 25 most used variables of most models.
Have a look at these and this will help accelerate your learning curve
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Re: Using Workshop W53

Postby VXL67Getrag » Wed Sep 01, 2010 6:51 pm

Thanks for the reply Al,

This 1 was from over a year ago & have come a little way since then!
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Re: Using Workshop W53

Postby DerekBell » Wed Sep 01, 2010 8:16 pm

Yep 13month response time....


Dont know whay this suddenly got Al's attention..

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