VS L67 Supercharged DTC's

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VS L67 Supercharged DTC's

Postby capritis » Wed Jun 08, 2011 1:33 am

hey guys im new to this forum. How are we?

i have a VS sIII caprice with the kalmaker tune, and i have a basic question.
i use EFI live, and i am getting a ECT unstable message in the software, MAT unstable and O2 missing.
Now, does this have to do with how kalmaker runs the system ie parameters or is there a problem.
I have replaced both o2's, ECT, MAT and TPS and still same. CEL does not come on this isnt a problem, just an observation on software.
On dashboard however, it shows very clearly the ECT, MAT and TPS and o2 voltages. So is it just the way efi live interperates it beacuase there is a Kalmaker doin the job

Alsom is there a kalmaker program i can use to READ possible change things....Not tuning but things like check CAS and IAC etc.....

Cheers, andy
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Re: VS L67 Supercharged DTC's

Postby Davo » Mon Jun 20, 2011 11:07 pm

I have never had a problem checking live data with any type of aftermarket scantool's (Bosch KTS,Snapop Verius/Modus,Hanatech) after doing a Kalmaker tune, except for the Mafless stuff (Wx5/6 etc.) where the map sensor reading won't come up in live data but that is due to the scantool programming. Fault codes check still works.
I have never used EFI live for logging a Kalmaker car. Have no reason to as I have paid for the Kalmaker software.
This would be the case for most people on this forum.

I think your question would best be answered over at the EFI live website in all honesty.

If you want to read the EEProm to make changes or whatever in an efficient manner i would highly recommend purchasing the Kalmaker W4x software suite for your vehicle and doing the realtime PCM conversion.
Only real downfall to the software is DOS and a serial port is what you need to use Kalmaker without being a computer tech.

Hope this helps,
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