newbie questions

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newbie questions

Postby ryder6330 » Tue Mar 13, 2012 7:27 pm

Hey guys.
I have only just discovered Kalmaker and I have some questions.

If I read correctly with the Kalmaker stuff I can use a Holden computer (and parts) to adapt EFI to any car.
I am in the process of building a 70 AMC Rebel. It runs a 360 cu in V8, and as it is a daily driver I want it to be as user friendly as possiible. I have thought about EFI but kits seem insanely expensive - compared to a good carby.
I can get a multi point manifold off the shelf - is it just a matter of bolting on commodore sensors, and using the right software? Do I need V8 stuff or can I use V6 stuff?

I am trying to work out the costings. I plan running a T5 trans if that matters.

Thanks all

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Re: newbie questions

Postby stormtrooper » Tue Apr 03, 2012 5:59 pm

Check the reply to your other, nearly identical, post.
If you need help with anything Kalmaker related (that includes things like ECU, program, injector, wiring etc) ask on the forum so everyone can help or learn.
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